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We mention in a previous article "Record all your Bets" the importance of keeping records of all of your wagers. The idea is to break all of bets into wagering categories for each sport. An example of this would be keeping individual handicapping records for NFL sides and NFL totals with won/loss totals for each category.

In the past we would have suggested that you make a log book for each bet type. This method of tracking your picks is of course very time consuming, but worth the effort. However, that was before the sports handicapping monitor was revamped. Now bettors can toss away their log books and have all their wagers tracked online in real time by Wagertracker and the great thing about this site is that it is a free sports monitor.

Our staff tested out their handicapping software last week and all of us were very impressed. Signing up was a breeze, with the whole process taking under 1 minute.

Although this site was in beta at the time of writing none of our staff encountered any glitches in the picking process and should be good to go. The software automatically sorts each handicapper's selections by league and keeps the bettor's records of won/loss units, sides, and totals, winning percentage and even RSI and ROI. is not only a solid place for bettors to track their sports wagers, it also has contests for the top handicappers. I'm not a big fan of contest sites, but it appears that their contests are set up more to reward the astute handicapper with rules set to mimic the betting strategy of professional sports gamblers.

Dave, one of our staff's more "anti public" handicappers suggested that even if someone didn't want to use the website to monitor their own plays they should still make a weekly visit. Dave states " offers a consensus of everyone's picks. In the NFL if you blindly laid bets against the publics top plays each week you would make a profit in most seasons"



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