Value of Reduced Juice in Sports Betting

This may be the most important article you ever read relative to betting on sports as it will show you how to risk less and win more without putting out any more effort than you already are doing!

Reduced juice sports betting (aka: reduced vig) is betting on point spreads and money lines at a lesser cost than the traditional -110 odds.

If given the choice, it's a no brainer that you'd want to take advantage of such an offering but many sports bettors don't because their not aware that it's out there for the taking!

Let's take a look at how you can get in on the action:

  • 1. Simply open up a wagering account at Pinnacle Sports.
  • 2. Fund your account using one of many easy to use deposit options (Neteller or InstaDebit from your checking account are the easiest to use)
  • 3. Your done and ready to start risking less and winning more! It's that easy! Before we go, we'll explain to you how this reduced juice works.

At traditional online sportsbooks you'll lay -110 to win $100 on a football or basketball bet. At Pinnacle, you only lay $105 to win $100 which means your cutting $5 of risk out per $100 your trying to win. This means that a high roller that bets $1100 to win $1000 can now bet $1050 to win $1000 which saves him $50 per bet!

Over the course of a year a $1000 bettor may make 1000 plays. A thousand bets times $50 saved per bet is $50,000 over the course of that year! You could buy a very nice new car with that loot or add it on to your bet to win even more.

It doesn't just benefit dime players either. Let's pencil it out for a $100 bettor as well:

A $100 bettor probably makes an average of 3 plays per day. At a traditional sportsbook he's laying $330 to win $300 if you combine the three bets he makes.

Assuming this $100 bettor plays every day over the course of the year, he's risking $330 x 365 days which is $120,450 in risked bets to win $109,500.

If he was playing at Pinnacle and risking only $105 to win $100, it'd look like this: $315 per day in risk instead of $330 to win $300. Multiply that by 365 days and you'd come out with $114,975 in risk to win the same $109,500.

The $100 bettor saves a whopping $5475.00 in vig per year. Fellas! That's a hawaiian vacation!

Another thought and another way of looking at it is to keep risking that same $110 your used to betting to have a better payout at the reduced juice book. If you bet $110 at -105 odds, it'll pay you $104 and change instead of the flat $100 your used to getting.

Risk less and win more by signing up at 5Dimes or Pinnacle Sports TODAY!



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