2013 NFL Strength Of Schedule

Here's another solid resource for you to add to your handicapping arsenal. The 2013 NFL strength of schedule for all 32 football teams.

Here are some interesting observations on this year's schedule. The Carolina Panther's finally have some healthy linebackers, but have the toughest overall schedule based on last season's opponents' record.

On the other side of the scale the Denver Broncos have the lowest strength of schedule with opponents last season recording a .430 winning percentage.

Below we have included this year's NFL strength of schedule in order of ranking for overall S.O.S, home S.O.S and road S.O.S

Carolina Panthers.543San Francisco 49ers.605St. Louis Rams.613
Detroit Lions.539Arizona Cardinals.602Seattle Seahawks.594
New Orleans Saints.539Detroit Lions.586New Orleans Saints.574
St. Louis Rams.539Baltimore Ravens.578Minnesota Vikings.570
Baltimore Ravens.535Cincinnati Bengals.570Green Bay Packers.566
Green Bay Packers.533Carolina Panthers.566Philadelphia Eagles.563
Arizona Cardinals.520Miami Dolphins.555Washington Redskins.563
Miami Dolphins.520New York Giants.555New England Patriots.555
San Francisco 49ers.520Chicago Bears.539New York Jets.555
Minnesota Vikings.516Kansas City Chiefs.539Jacksonville Jaguars.543
Seattle Seahawks.516San Diego Chargers.539Cleveland Browns.539
Cincinnati Bengals.508Dallas Cowboys.535Tennessee Titans.535
Jacksonville Jaguars.508Atlanta Falcons.527Oakland Raiders.531
New England Patriots.508Buffalo Bills.523Pittsburgh Steelers.531
Atlanta Falcons.504Houston Texans.520Tampa Bay Buccaneers.527
Chicago Bears.502New Orleans Saints.504Carolina Panthers.520
Tampa Bay Buccaneers.500Green Bay Packers.500Denver Broncos.508
Washington Redskins.498Indianapolis Colts.488Baltimore Ravens.492
New York Jets.496Jacksonville Jaguars.473Detroit Lions.492
Philadelphia Eagles.496Tampa Bay Buccaneers.473Miami Dolphins.484
Cleveland Browns.492St. Louis Rams.465Atlanta Falcons.480
Pittsburgh Steelers.492Minnesota Vikings.461Chicago Bears.465
Tennessee Titans.488New England Patriots.461Cincinnati Bengals.445
New York Giants.480Pittsburgh Steelers.453Arizona Cardinals.438
Dallas Cowboys.475Cleveland Browns.445Indianapolis Colts.434
Buffalo Bills.473Tennessee Titans.441San Francisco 49ers.434
Houston Texans.473New York Jets.438Houston Texans.426
Kansas City Chiefs.473Seattle Seahawks.438Buffalo Bills.422
Oakland Raiders.469Washington Redskins.434Dallas Cowboys.414
Indianapolis Colts.461Philadelphia Eagles.430Kansas City Chiefs.406
San Diego Chargers.457Oakland Raiders.406New York Giants.406
Denver Broncos.430Denver Broncos.352San Diego Chargers.375
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