NFL Team Season Win Lines

It's that time of the year again. Most of the free agents have been signed and the NFL draft is in the past and the sportsbooks start to put out their future lines. The one that we find to best betting value is the NFL season win bets.

If you're not familiar with this type of wager it's quite simple. You have to place a bet on whether a team will win more games or fewer total games than the bookmaker has posted.

Every year, the sports books in Las Vegas post win totals for all 32 teams in the NFL. Some reach double digits while others hover in the 4-5 range. Many include a 1/2 point so there won't be any pushes on that team. We'll take a look at two teams we feel are worth a play on.

Last season we split our two selections with the Houston Texans easily exceeding the Over 8.5 wins and the Cleveland Browns going a dismal 4-12 failing to surpass the Over 6.5

Here's what 2012 NFL season win wagers we'll be putting some bucks on.

Buffalo Bills Season Win Total Over 7

The Bills started off a stellar 5-2 last season before key injuries to their best defensive player (DT K. Williams) and offensive player (RB F. Jackson) sent them on freefall to a 6-10 record. The team lacked depth last season on both sides of the ball and were hit hard by the injury bug, but we believe that will not be the case this season. They're defensive line is a solid two deep with the additions of free agents DE M. Williams and M. Anderson and an expected return to health for both DT K. Williams and DE/OLB S. Merriman. This line has the potential to rank in the top 5 in the NFL this season. On paper their schedule is much easier in 2012 with 3 games on the road where they should be the betting favorite (Browns, Colts and Dolphins) and certainly road games versus the Jets and Cardinals are winnable. At home they face Kansas City in Week 2 and the Titans in Week 7 with both of the games easily winnable. The Dolphins, Jaguars, Rams and Seahawks follow and we figure that the Bills can win at the least 3 of those. The Jets visit in Week 17 and were going to mark that down as a win. We're going to predict that the Bills win 3-4 games on the road and 4-5 games at home giving us a push in the lowest season wins and easily crush the Over 7 games won in 2012 with our highest projection.

Additional Season Win Bets

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Over 6
  • Chicago Bears Over 8.5

Below we have listed the odds available at press time. Please check Bovada for the current NFL football season win lines.

Team Wins Over Profit Per $100 Under Profit Per $100
New England 12.0 -120 $83.33 -110 $90.91
Green Bay 12.0 -125 $80.00 -105 $95.24
Philadelphia 10.0 -135 $74.07 +105 $105.00
Houston 10.0 -140 $71.43 +110 $110.00
San Francisco 10.0 +105 $105.00 -135 $74.07
New Orleans 10.0 -125 $80.00 -105 $95.24
Baltimore 10.0 -110 $90.91 -120 $83.33
Pittsburgh 10.0 -125 $80.00 -105 $95.24
Detroit 9.5 105 $105.00 -135 $74.07
San Diego 9.0 -130 $76.92 EVEN $100.00
Denver 9.5 -110 $90.91 -120 $83.33
New York Giants 9.5 -110 $90.91 -120 $83.33
Chicago 8.5 -135 $74.07 +105 $105.00
Atlanta 9.0 105 $105.00 -135 $74.07
New York Jets 8.5 -115 $86.96 -115 $86.96
Dallas 8.5 -125 $80.00 -105 $95.24
Kansas City 8.0 -120 $83.33 -110 $90.91
Cincinnati 7.5 -130 $76.92 EVEN $100.00
Miami 7.5 -110 $90.91 -120 $83.33
Carolina 7.5 -125 $80.00 -105 $95.24
Buffalo 7.0 -110 $90.91 -120 $83.33
Seattle 7.0 -110 $90.91 -120 $83.33
Oakland 7.0 -110 $90.91 -120 $83.33
Tennessee 7.0 -130 $76.92 EVEN $100.00
Arizona 7.0 -110 $90.91 -120 $83.33
Washington 6.5 EVEN $100.00 -130 $76.92
Minnesota 6.0 EVEN $100.00 -130 $76.92
St. Louis 6.0 -120 $83.33 -110 $90.91
Tampa Bay 6.0 -110 $90.91 -120 $83.33
Indianapolis 5.5 +105 $105.00 -135 $74.07
Jacksonville 5.5 +105 $105.00 -135 $74.07
Cleveland 5.5 EVEN $100.00 -130 $76.92
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