Betting Smart - Avoid Multiple Event Bets

So ya wanna bet on sports and make some money? Your going to need to bet smart in order to have a chance. Let's investigate a few do's and don'ts to help increase your chances at beating the bookie.

Avoid Parlays

Yeah yeah, we know. They pay so nicely! Sure, WHEN you hit one they do. When can be far and few in between.

Bookies drive cadillacs because of parlays. What does that tell you? Avoid falling into this trap where big payoffs and get rich quick schemes blur your vision.

Stick to straight betting at -110. Better yet, dump your old traditional corner bookie or online sportsbook and sign up at 5dimes where you can bet on games at -105 to win $100.

Avoid Teasers

Teasers are exactly what their name states. "Teasers." It's fine and dandy to move the line 7 points on a game, but with the extra vig you pay for doing so as well as the fact that you have to win at least 2 games to be a winner makes this nothing more than a sucker bet for most.

Disclaimer: There are sharp bettors that can utilize teasers with "certain" favorites to beat the house. Not recommended for the novice sports bettor though.

Stick to straight betting. Lay -105 to win $100. Much better proposition. Besides, it's much easier to win one game than it is two or more!

Avoid it All

Avoid pleasers that reverse point spreads and have massive payouts, avoid reverses with high payout offerings, avoid everything but side bets and totals where the vig is low and the chance of winning is mightier.

Everything else is just a sucker bet that increases the houses chance of winning.

We're not saying to NEVER use these bets, but if you are serious about making betting on football then these multiple events should be used only for a small amount of your wagering each week like 5% maximum.

Until next time, good luck with your wagers!



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